Start With WHY

The “WHY”

As healthcare leaders, CEOs, founder, co-founders, or entrepreneurs, the first question you have to answer is “WHY?”

Why do you do it? What is your personal purpose?

Why does your team and company do it?

Why is it important in the industry? The community?

Align your “Why” with that of your clients and customers.

Our “Why” is focused on bringing diverse expertise together, setting and achieving bold goals, accelerating innovation and reaching growth goals.

Not Just Another Lightbulb

The lightbulb is frequently used as a symbol of innovation. It is used to represent the origination of a new idea, the sudden inspiration of clarity, and knowledge of how to achieve something, in a unique and pioneering way.

While the use of the lightbulb as part of the logo and branding imagery is connected to innovation, it goes even deeper.

Where It All Began

My father was a lighting designer at General Electric, Nela Park. In our home, he had a drafting table where he would develop all kinds of ideas. He was your quintessential engineer-minded designer. always curious and inquisitive on his quest to design solutions. Part of his work at GE was designing machines and working with the team to manufacture the product.

Growing up, I frequently had conversations with my father about how and why things worked or did not work. He taught me to think, create, and problem solve.