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Experienced in navigating the complex healthcare industry

Innovation & Clinical Institute Advising

Designing solutions at the intersection of clinical care delivery & innovation.

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Innovation Expertise

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How and What

Cutting through barriers to accelerate growth.

We partner with health systems, industry experts, start-ups, and investors to launch solutions to accelerate growth.

Who We Are

Built on innovation and expertise.

Launching and scaling solutions

Healthcare Expertise

Understanding and navigating market dynamics, strategic imperatives, and operational design.

Innovation Expertise

Cultivating high performing teams to accelerate the work and accomplish the goals in an entrepreneurial environment.

Leadership Expertise

An industry leader in creating high-performing teams, leading success in patient care delivery through improvement and innovation.


About Nancy

Decades of experience in implementing innovative solutions within the healthcare industry

Nancy Tinsley is a transformative healthcare executive who is recognized for her strategic excellence, innovation, design scale, and success in execution. 

This executive type of work focuses on innovative strategic planning, clinical and systems integration, creating physician alignment, and advancing health care services across the continuum.

She has advanced experience in innovation, performance improvement, business analytics, systems thinking, and leadership development.


Who We Work with

Partnership Experiences.

Industry Partners:

Global Health Tech Solution companies

Healthcare Start Up Founders and CEO’s

Clinical Institute Innovation

Hospitals & Health Systems

Recent Clients:

National & International Tech Solution Companies focused on Population & Mental Health

Health Systems, Innovating Clinical Institutes & Growth

Tech Start-Up in Cyber Security, Advising CEO, Advancing Strategy & Designing Advisory Board

Metaverse – Intelligence, Future of Work SaaS, Advance Strategy & Achieve Funding Goals

Physician Workforce Marketplace to Advice CEO, Advance Strategy & Growth

Workflow Analysis & Asset Management Solution, Advising Strategy

Launching International Partners into the United States